A teen girl riding a horse guided by equine trainers during her therapeutic horsemanship session at Rustic Way Ranch, an equine-assisted psychotherapy center for teens struggling with mental health.

Programs at Rustic Way Ranch

Therapeutic Horsemanship

Explore the transformative journey of Therapeutic Horsemanship at Rustic Way Ranch, where teenagers struggling with mental health issues will find hope, healing, and resilience in a nurturing, outdoor environment.

Therapeutic Horsemanship at Rustic Way Ranch is a unique, nurturing program designed to aid teens facing mental health challenges. This form of therapy harnesses the gentle, intuitive nature of horses to provide healing and emotional growth. Through guided interaction with these magnificent creatures, teens learn to build trust, develop empathy, and gain a deeper understanding of non-verbal communication, all while immersing themselves in a calming, natural environment.

The Healing Power of Horses

Our program incorporates a range of activities that cater to different comfort levels and experiences. From learning about horse anatomy and care to engaging in ground-based activities and riding, each aspect of Therapeutic Horsemanship is crafted to promote confidence, resilience, and emotional well-being.

This holistic approach extends beyond physical interaction with horses, integrating aspects of character development, life skills, and coping strategies for mental health. At Rustic Way Ranch, we believe in the transformative power of this connection with horses, offering a unique avenue for healing and self-discovery for struggling teens.

Ready to Take The Reins?

Discover the healing power of horses at Rustic Way Ranch. Submit a contact form to learn more about our Therapeutic Horsemanship program and take the first step towards your teen's healing and growth.