Learn about our mission at Rustic Way Ranch, an equine-assisted psychotherapy center for teens struggling with mental health.

Our Mission

Rustic Way Ranch is a place where the mental and emotional health of teens is enhanced through therapeutic horsemanship, professional counseling, nature-based experiences. RWR professionals are literally the boots on the ground - dedicated to blazing the trails that lead to hope and healing.

Our Vision

Teen Mental Wellness

When we, at Rustic Way Ranch, look to the future, we see a generation of adolescents who have been rescued from the despair so common to young people who battle with mental health. We see a generation who is equipped to be strong, secure, and capable of doing great things. We see a generation charged with purpose, living lives that are filled with meaning, ambition, and joy.

Our Values

Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Courage, Victory, Hope

At Rustic Way Ranch, we value high quality in all we do. While we do not emphasize or strive for perfection, we do strive for excellence. We value integrity, leadership, courage, and determination. We don’t stop when we get tired; we stop when our work is done. We value humility, putting others first, teamwork, and the greater strength of the whole. We value honor. We celebrate each others achievements. We value victory, realizing victory takes on many forms. We value facing our fears and cheering each other on. We value putting our boots on the round, one day at a time, looking always to a horizon that may be the dawn of hope.

Cowboy Up!

Are you ready to get your boots dirty for a noble cause? At Rustic Way Ranch, every task, big or small, makes a meaningful impact.